Monday, June 17, 2013

Year of wargames at Brisbane Independent Gamers Inc

Hi All
Just some Eye candy of some of the wargames that were play at Brisbane Independent Gamers Inc over the last year.  B.I.G Club members have been wargameing for over 33 years in Queensland Australia the Club was Est in 1980 .

The Photo below are from B.I.G Club days , Tournaments , 2012 Brisbane Muster

B.I.G Club days

28mm - Slaughterloo rules

Slaughterloo Game Day Run by Julian Evans

Warhammer Fantasy Tournaments run by Johnathon Petersen

link to the Face book page were you can find more photos of the
Warhammer Fantasy & Warhammer 40K

15mm English Civil War
15mm Napoleonic - Neil Thomas Rules.

28mm Bolt Action
20mm Vietnam - Ambush Valley  rules

20mm Vietnam - Ambush Valley  rules

15mm - Force on Force rules
More Force on Force Photo on the B.I.G. F.O.F Blog -

15mm   - Irregular Wars Rules.

15mm Conquistadores Vs Aztecs - Irregular Wars Rules.

20mm American Civil War

15mm Saga

20mm Colonial - Neil Thomas Rules

15mm - Field of Glory

6mm  Napoleonic - Neil Thomas Napoleonic Rules

Here are some of my samurai that I painted this year.

15mm v Samurai Field of Glory rules.

15mm Samurai Painted Dayle Hackett


Hail Ceasar at Brisbane Independent Gamers Club day. 

15mm Samurai Painted by  Me
Have Fun gameing All.

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