Sunday, March 26, 2017

Test of Honour Demo games game table at Briscon

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I'm planing to run a Demo games game of Test of Honour The Samurai Miniatures Game at Briscon 2017 it's on the long week end April 29 and 30

I have worked the table layout . it will be mix of Scratch built & some Sarissa Precision Ltd. Laser Cut kits . what do you think

Photo of main mountain should have it painted over the weekend

the start of my Cherry trees $1 bath sponge & some PVA glue 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WW2 - One Hour Wargames

Hi All 
I have been painting WW2 US & German to have some games with the  One Hour Wargames  by Neil Thomas Rules below low some photos of the armys & what i got to make them up it all 1/72 there all on 50mm * 150mm bases

all you will need is just one box of each
Italeri – 6151 – German Infantry (Winter uniform)
1:72 - ITALERI 7026 - MODEL KIT 3.7 PAK 37/7.5CM PAK 40/2CM FLAKVIERLING 38

Italeri No.7504 Panther Ausf.G  Or the Italeri No.7505 Tiger I Ausf.E

Italeri 7521 1/72 M4A3 76mm Sherman

with my US AT guns I got some War Time Miniatures

Saturday, January 30, 2016

6mm Spearhead North Africa game.

Hi All 
I had a 6mm WW2 game here are some photos from  the game that I play at Henry on Australia Day 

Rules - WW2 Spearhead
Armys - German & Italian Vs British

Miniatures painted by Henry & Frank D
Miniatures - Heroics and Ros
Town - Scratch built by Paul Hanouf
table base was made by me 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Glorious War a Seven Years War game.

Hi All
I had a game a Seven Years War game over the Australia Day weekend
the rules were A Glorious War By Donald,Daniel & Mal

Armys French Vs Prussians
1/72 Armys  painted by Donald & Mal
Gaming table by Daniel