Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hittite & Sea people Vs New Kingdom Egyptian Demo game

Hi all Just had 2 days of  awesome wargameing with Mal, Daniel & Donald at the
Pine Rivers Model Train & Hobby Expo.the Show is put on by the Members of the RMCQ.

The Wargame rules were Field of Glory Ancients with 2000point armys.
The Armys were Hittite & Sea people Vs New Kingdom Egyptian
All of the fegs were 20mm or 1/72 scale
Below are some photos of the table.

Photo of the demo game from the left hand side of the table.
The game mate & sea was made by Daniel . All of the were from Donald's & from My Collections.
The ships & Houses were Scratch Built  by Me. 
The Egyptian pyramids were Scratch Built  Daniel painted by Donald

Donald's New Kingdom Egyptian
Hittite Battle line with some my fegs
Seapople ship landing

Close up of my Scratch Built Sea people Ship

Close up of my Scratch Built Egyptian Ship & of some of my painted fegs.

Here are some of new Scratch Built Egyptian House's that I made up for the demo game .
The painted fegs are from Donald's Collection 

This was the demo game  table plane .

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