Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brisbane muster 2011

Hi All just some photos from the brisbane muster . there were more the 100 gamers over the week to have a look at the Participation and demo games here is a list of what was on

Wargaming An Introduction - Rules By Neil Thomas - ( 20mm Ancients , Colonial , Napoleonic )

Rapid Fire ( 15MM WW2 )
Panic Room‚ ( 28mm Zombie Science Fiction )
Impetus ( 28mm Ancients )
Warmachine - Rules By Privateer Press. ( Science Fiction )
Force on Force Modern - Rules by Ambush Alley Games ( 15mm Modern )

Clash of Empire - Rules by Great Escape Games ( Ancients )

Sword and The Flame - Rulesby Larry Brom‚ ( 28mm Colonial )

Beneath The Lilly Banners - Rules by Barry Hilton‚ (fast play rules for 1660-1720)

Zombie game, home rules. ( 28mm Zombie Science Fiction )
Dragon Fire Games demo's Flash Point , Skirmish Rules for WW2.
Axis & Allies‚ War at Sea & WINGS OF WAR

Here is Henny & Ian playing with my 20mm Ancients

the Battle of Kadesh game is a Scenario from the Neil Thomas rules books Wargaming An Introduction & Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

In the front is the Clash of Empire demo game
& behind that is the Ambush Alley & Force on Force Demo game

Bill's Demo table for his 15mm Ambush Alley game

Castaway Arts ( 28mm Colonial )

Sword and The Flame - Rulesby Larry Brom‚

Panic Room Demo game 28mm Zombie Science Fiction

Battleline Scenics Impetus Demo 28mm Ancients

Battleline Scenics Impetus Demo 28mm Ancients

here a list of the Traders were at the show

Battleline Scenics, contact Scott Robertson,

Castaway Arts

Dragonfire Games

Fernvale Specialty Scenics

Wartime Miniatures

Paul Hanouf


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