Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BIG March 2011 photos

I was a the BIG March this week end & I got some photos off some of the Demo tables.

The first Demo was A Star War the game was run Frank & Mark L

The next table was a A&A War at Sea game US Navy V the Japanese Navy played on a 1200mm * 1800mm table top

With some of my new 3D ilands that I made out 6mm MDF & some woodland scenics Foliages.

The next two tabls were the Ambush Alley s Force on Force rules a 15mm game & a 20mm game. The 15 MM I think was in Afghanistan Game run by Kevin & Mark M The nexted Force on Force game was a 20mm game Saudis Vs Iraqi from the 1990 war . Game run by Henry The 2 photo below were from one of the Warhammer Tournament that was being run by the BIG Club the traine on the table the BIG Club .

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