Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi All
THE B.I.G TSUGUA was on the last weekend a two tournament run by the merbers of Brisbane Independent Gamers Inc were they run a Warhammer Fantasy tournament ( link to the Results & more photos) organised/run by Greg Ryan ( AKA Marcus Marc on WargamerAU ) & Neil Cross were they had 30 playing in the tournament .

Photo of the Hall FOW & WHF Gamers

There was a Flames of War Tournament to organised/run by Dennis Misso & Dale Gibson with 18 gamers playing in there the tournament . Here are some photo of the Flames of War tables

I Filled my time by runing some Demo games of Irregular Wars: conflict at the world's end
there a fun and easy, fast-play, set of rules for the smaller engagements.
I got 8 games in over the weekend I have only been playing the rules for about 3weeks so my I been playing the game with the DBA baseing still works but I thing the Irregular war baseing would make life simpler . Here are photos of games in play
Aztecs V Conquistadors

Over all It was a great weekend with more them 80+ gamers over the weekend .

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