Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I got into 6mm Napoleonic this year at B.I.G were I do most of my gameing we have been playing with the Polemos Napoleonic Rules from Baccus 6mm you can Downloads the Sample Rules & Painting Guide from the web page.
All of the Miniature below are from the Baccus 6mm French Range & the Duchy of Warsaw Range . The game mate is from Games Workshop

Here are some of my Polish Voltigeurs out in the front
The Building are just paper prints cut outs on 2mm PVC .
The trees are made from green dishwashing sponge .
French Line Infantry & French Voltigeurs
The river was made the same way as the swamps on 3mm acrylic just longer.
Napoleon & body Guards
with French Artillery on the right
French Generals with French Dragoons on the right.

French Line Lancers

French Cuirassiers

French Limbers


Anonymous said...

g'day glen

great to see you posting

The 6mm napoleonic stuff looks pretty good and some simple but very effective terrain ideas with the swamp its so obvious once you see someone else do it!


ozwargamer said...

Hi Dave
Thankyou for the comment.