Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I got into 6mm Napoleonic this year at B.I.G were I do most of my gameing we have been playing with the Polemos Napoleonic Rules from Baccus 6mm you can Downloads the Sample Rules & Painting Guide from the web page.
All of the Miniature below are from the Baccus 6mm French Range & the Duchy of Warsaw Range . The game mate is from Games Workshop

Here are some of my Polish Voltigeurs out in the front
The Building are just paper prints cut outs on 2mm PVC .
The trees are made from green dishwashing sponge .
French Line Infantry & French Voltigeurs
The river was made the same way as the swamps on 3mm acrylic just longer.
Napoleon & body Guards
with French Artillery on the right
French Generals with French Dragoons on the right.

French Line Lancers

French Cuirassiers

French Limbers

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