Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BIG Saga Tourney & Club Day

Hi all
Here are some photos from the The Brisbane Saga Tourney & some the club games that were play at
The Brisbane Independant Gamers Inc.

It was my first Saga Tourney.
First place was Chris, Second place Doug, Third Tom, Most kills Tom, Last place Nigel.

 Below some photo of my Anglo Danish 

David & Dayle put on a 6mm Napoleonic game the battle of Salamanca the
 , Rules were Neil Thomas’s “Napoleonic Wargaming”.

More photos & DIY on Daves blog WarTerrainAU 
Gerg & Mark had a Force on Force game  I think its a USSR vs. Germany with 1/72 sacle Fegs

There were more games on but I did not get any photos that look any good but the games were
 A&A Ships
15mm Impetus
15mm Field of Glory

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