Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anglo-Zulu War wargame at the Brisbane Muster 2013

Hi All 
Just had a Great weekend at the Brisbane muster were we put on 20mm zulu wargame
at one end of the table we had Battle of Rorke's Drift  & Battle of Kambula at the auther.
Rorke's Drift  was a 1:1 feg scale all of the terrain was scratch built.
Aii of fegs were painted By Donald, Mal & Myself.


Kevin said...

It was impressive.

Though the teddy-bear makers in Brisbane are scratching their heads about where all the teddy-bear fur in the city went. :)

Brent said...

Can you give any details on the construction of the zulu huts? Certainly the best I've seen at this scale and I need some for my table.

ozwargamer said...

Hi Kevin I got all of there teddy-bear the table was going to longer

ozwargamer said...

Hi Brent
The zulu huts master was made out of biulders putty

I planing to cast up some more for a frend if you would like to order some.