Sunday, June 1, 2008

10mm Lord of the Rings


This photo is of some LOTR 10mm that I have just painted they are from the Copplestone's 10mm Fantsy ( TM9 10mm Evil Characters ) they have been based up for Games Workshop's The Battle of Five Armies Some of the conversions were on the Ringwraith & Fellbeast all I did was cut the base off the Fellbeast and then bent its wings out to make it look biger then it was. The rocks on bases were made from layers of Styrene with a bit of Liquid nails wiped over them. The Characters and the rocks were painted with Citadel Paints it was a simple drybrushing technique with some ink washes over parts of them at the end . The bases were then flocked .

Ps. The Copplestone miniatures are biger them Games Workshop miniatures but if there on owne bases you can get away with it .

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